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Metro Ahad: 6 March 2011
The Sun Daily paper:10 August 2011

Sheerin 4/2/12 : AMAZING service! Got my equestrian orders yesterday 3/2/2012(where you can't find them over here). That was a speedy order and delivery! THANK YOU so much!! Iluvbag...true to it's name. I love them because they are awesome people and provide fabulous service.

Norazita 16/3 : Received my item today. tqvm & thumbs up for the excellent service!

Ziezie 2/2: received coach men's wallet, a suprise for my hubby.... he love it! thanks ummi for the nice f.o.s box... heee... good seller and highly recommended ;P

Diyana, 28/1:  Holla..pagi2 mamat poslaju da terpacak dpn umh bw bag ni. Maseh byk2 Ummi servis u mmg tip top. Btol ckp u beg ni mmg besar la hehehehe bole sumbat mcm2..ok after this bole la order lagi dkt u !!!

Marsita, 26/1/11: Salam Ummi..  Received the cuff links a while ago. Sgt cantik and very nice packaging.  Thank u for ur help and nice doing business with you. I'm one happy and satisfied customer here. With ur service and the product.  Hopefully ada future transaction lagi yek. Insya Allah Thanks again.

Irma, 24/1/11 :Hi,Received the beautiful bag ... many many thanks ... 

Sharon, 18/1/11: Hi!! I got my shoes! You are so fast yay! My friends all want! When are you accepting new orders? They asked me order on behalf. Thank you!!! 15/1/11:
I love her blog, glad she loves the shoes:)

Fungyee 3/12/10: (Mulberry for Targer patent bag) Received bag yesterday, very nice, luv it so much... Thanks dear...

Juliana 29/10/10: Salam... Received my brg @6pm tadi...hehehe..Soo happy.saya beli ya..Tqvm.

Ria 22/10/10: I dah terima LC small make-up it.  Tak tunggu lama tau-tau ada parcel.  Nice doing business with iLuvbag... keep it up.

Roz 13/10/10:  salam. Datin, saya dah received the VS Ultimate Makeup Kit. Loving it! Thanks a lot..

Ami 12/10/10: Have received the make up by vs!! Sooo loving it! Thanx very much :)

Ayesha 11/10/10: salam kak ummi, just received the packages today.... thank you so much ... it's in a good condition and we're very satisfied... thank you once again kak.... 

Rachel 3/10/10: hi babe! i've received the MBMJ wrislets already ! its nice. Thanks.

June 3/10/10: Hi dear! received my longchamp bag and i love it:) u managed to find the colout that i've been looking for everywhere. thank u soo much!

Shen Yi 29/9/10: I'm so glad I finally managed to receive the shoes. I just got them like 30 minutes ago. thanks! they are nice. 

 Kiera (Brunei) 15/9/10:Salamualaikum...Selamat Hari Raya dear...i've just picked up the bag from the post office...really luv it...thanks so much!! n thank u for putting up with bnyak tnyakan.. :)

Nunu 02/09/10: Akak, Br je pg poslaju amik smokin eyes. best. thanks!

 Mar 01/09/10: Sudah dapat d bags. My frenz so happy jumping up n down.Its beautiful. Thks so much

Hanizah 01/09/10: sudah dapat... sorry lambat inform u... was too excited til i forgot plak nk email u.. love love it sooo much! thank you!! love the shoes too eventho its mcm impulse purchase..ahaha:) ish...i think i got the branded stuff fever.. i mcm tk sabar when i can make another purchase from you..hahahahah 

Juliana: 30/8/10 : I've received my bag n concealaholic just now,really satisfied me,hope to buy from u in the future..xoxo =)

Masayu 30/08/10: Salam umi, beg dah dpt.. cantik sgt.. tq very much...ayu beli ya..

Sue 28/08/10: Thank u so much PDU. really appreciate ur service:) 

Lena Teo 26/08/10: received the Coach and LV bags, loved it very much. Thanks very much for the prompt deliveries. ^-^

Ain 24/08/10: hye dear!! received my footsie roll oredi~ sooooo nice n comfy! thanks ya~~

 Nina@Nas 06/08/10: I received mine safely yesterday.  I love my Frollic so much, they're just so comfy and chic!  And for that, I am gonna make use of the RM45/pair for more than 1 pair to get another pair for me and 1 pair for my envious daughter :D.  Thanks!


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