Buyers Do / Dont

One problem with online shopping is that both buyers and retailers have no idea as to the scope of their duties. Hence, there arise conflicts during the buying process. It ends up with both buyers and retailers feeling frustrated. To avoid this, FASHIONO.MY aims to provide a basic do’s and don’t's for buyers.


1. Do always speak politely.
Customers may always be right but it’s never right to be rude. If you are frustrated with the retailer, express your dissatisfaction firmly but in the nicest way possible. It is always nice to be cordial by using ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

2. Do keep to your promise
Whatever promise you made to the retailer–that you will reply within a day, that you will pay by tomorrow, etc–keep your words. If you cannot, do inform the retailer as soon as possible. Its not nice to keep the retailer waiting without knowing there is a change of plans.

3. Do be considerate
If any arrangement goes wrong which does not affect your too greatly and the retailer had sincerely apologized, do be considerate and not make a big fuss out of it. Many e-shops are handled by one person and are usually not experience in business. (Though we believe that e-shops should always improve themselves and provide better customer service) 

p/s: I hope i'm not one of them:) been using my skills as Bank Manager n Entrepreneur experience for almost 10 yrs++ to give the best service ever:D

4. Do follow instructions
All blogshops have their own buying and payment instructions. Do follow to them closely. It would ease the retailers and in turn you would get your item faster and without any complications.

5. Do read the terms and conditions
There are usually terms and conditions in blogshops. Do read and understand them before buying to avoid future dispute. If you do not agree with their terms, don’t purchase from the shop.


1. Do inquire about an item only if you are interested in buying the item
Be aware that you’re not the only one who send in inquiries. Only inquire about an item if you are interested in buying an item, and need to know more to help you make a decision in buying it.

2. Do read the FAQ or any information provided on the e-shop before sending in any inquiries
While not all blogshop provides detail information, it is usually sufficient. It is always nice to check out the site, and read the FAQ, if any, before sending in any inquiries. This would save both yours and the retailer’s time.

3. Do write clearly when sending in any inquiries or request
Write in a straightforward manner and use simple English. Many conflicts arises from miscommunication. It is wise to convey your message clearly to ensure that the buyer is clear about what you are asking for.

-----Buying arrangement-----

1. Do double-check your details before sending it in
Make sure your name, address, the item code and other relevant information are correct before sending them in. This would save you and the retailer a lot of hassle.

2. Do only ask the retailer to re-stock if intend to buy the item
For a retailer to restock an item, lots of work needed be put in such as calling up the suppliers to check if there are still stocks available and transporting it back. Don’t put retailer through this if you are not sure you want to buy it.

3. Don’t back-out from buying when buying arrangement had been finalised
Don’t waste both your retailers effort and time by backing out after buying arrangement had been finalised. We too are in support of YSK’s campaign–‘Say no to back out buyers!’

-----Cash-on-delivery (COD)-----

1. Do be specific about the location of COD
- in my case, I'll decide the date, time and place as I'm will not be in KL most of the time, so my 1st delivery option will be via PosLaju ya -

2. Do arrive at the agreed place on time
Don’t follow the Malaysian time! Where possible, be around the area at least a few minutes before the agreed time. Generally, few minutes late is fine. But it’s never nice to make someone wait for you longer than that.

3. Do inform the buyer as soon as possible if you will be late
Do contact the retailer if you will be late. That is especially if the retailer will only be waiting for you. Don’t let the retailer wait for you aimlessly.

4. Don’t cancel the appointment at the last minute
Effort and transportation fees are needed to meet you at a place for COD. Do not cancel the appointment. If you can’t make it due to important reasons, do inform the retailer and apologise. Don’t keep the retailer waiting.

5. Do bring change
If the amount of that dress you are buying is say, RM48, do try to bring the exact change instead of RM 50. This would prevent any problem if the retailer don’t have loose change (thought this shouldn’t happen at the first place! But its better to be prepared and cover your base)


1. Do expect that items may not be exactly like what you have in mind
While retailers should give you the most accurate photograph and information about the product, do give some leeway. There can be some difference as to the colour of the clothing due to lighting and screen resolution amongst other things. As long as the item received does not vary too greatly to the item described, it should be fine.

2. Do send an email to the retailer if you are not satisfied with the item
Don’t throw a hissy fit. Express your dismay politely and include the reasons why you are not satisfied with the item. If there is defect to the item, you may want to send a photograph of it to the retailer. Discuss matters and come into a conclusion diplomatically.


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