# 651: LONGCHAMP Orchideal


 Deep Purple

This season, Longchamp has chosen to showcase the orchid, the symbol of feminine beauty in Vietnam. 
The Orchidéal line transports us to one of the many Vietnamese orchid plantations where these sacred flowers are preciously grown… 
It has given birth to an extremely on-trend model available in a selection of handbags, totes or travel bags to lend a touch of exoticism to your outfits.

LONGCHAMP Orchideal 1621536 Small/Short = SOLD

LONGCHAMP Orchideal 1623536 Medium/Short = SOLD

LONGCHAMP Orchideal 2605536 Medium/Long = SOLD

LONGCHAMP Orchideal 1899536 Large/Long = SOLD

LONGCHAMP Orchideal 1624536 = SOLD


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